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New Ink

Here you will find new poetry written by Future Poet.

Talking Heart explores the emotions of love, pain and indecision through poetry.


I Wish (remixed)

I wish to have a man who understands

That I require a partner not a leader

Recognises that we are to balance each other

 Submissiveness is my choice

Not an expectation of his desire

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 Social Matters contains poems about society.



We’re all seeking a simple solution

To rise from under the system

That’s an advocate of family separation

 And mental pollution

Financial destitution and emotional prostitution

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Food for thought has a collection of poems  to evoke thinking. 


I could

You wonder why I’m silent

And assume I have negative thoughts

You wonder why I’ve stopped sharing

No words of my opinions or feelings do I talk

You wonder why I internalise

My dreams, my visions, the things I’ve been taught

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